Tickle you Tastebuds

In small taverns you will find traditional island dishes. In the old cellars of the mountain villages you will sample the same Rhodian wine which used to travel to all the shores of the southeastern Mediterranean.

Within walking distance to the hotel you will find Greek Taverns offering traditional Greek cuisine, bars and restaurants that serve international/ European cuisine, as well as quaint cafes. Some of the places around worth a visit are:
Gallery Cafe Bar, Mare Motto (Restaurant/Pizza), Periklis (Greek Traditional Taverna), Cocktails & Dreams Bar, Popi’s Garden Restaurant & Cocktail Bar and Happy Days Bar.

The traditional way Greeks eat out is usually by eating mezedes (appetizers in greek), that goes well with ouzo, retsina or beer, and is basically a set of appetizers with no main course, and everybody shares everything which is set at the middle of the table.


Tastes as good ad it Looks!